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ComputerTime 4.1.0

ComputerTime 4.1.0: Set time limits and monitor computer use: hours per day/week/month, time of day. computer can be used, 3) Encourage children to read more, or get much needed exercise, by limiting computer use, 4) Make sure the computer is shared fairly between siblings ... and more. ComputerTime lets you set the following types of limits on computer use: 1) Specify the amount of time in a day, week or month, 2) Set specific times during the day when the computer may be used, 3) Allow only a certain amount of time on the computer at one sitting

PC-Time Manager 1.2.2: Parental Control Software for Windows. Creates schedule for computer use.
PC-Time Manager 1.2.2

limits computer time. If your children are spending a lot of time chatting on the internet (MSN, AOL, ICQ), or most of their time playing games, you have to set a computer time limit in order to keep them safe from computers affecting their school work and social life. PC-Time Manager plays the role of a guardian on the computer, making sure that the computer is ON only during the scheduled computer time you allow. This timed computer sessions strategy

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Computer Time Manager 1.1.0: Limit PC time for kids or others with daily/weekly time windows and time limits.
Computer Time Manager 1.1.0

Computer Time Manager (CTM) lets you control exactly when your kids or anyone else can use the PC, and for how long. You create a daily/weekly schedule and CTM enforces it, logging users off when their time is up. Features: - Utmost flexibility in scheduling allowed computer time. - Set up time windows and limits for only certain users or all users. - Enforce limits by time of day and/or day of week. - Can override usual limits for special occasions

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AlaTimer Fred Flintstone helps parents limit the time kids use the computer and Internet.

AlaTimer, with the friendly assistance of Fred Flintstone helps parents limit their kids daily computer time. Fred limits each computer user to a pre-configured time (set in minutes), per day. Hover the mouse over Fred`s icon and you`ll find how many minutes you have left. With one minute to expiry, a message pops-up asking you to logoff. AlaTimer would logoff, shutdown or restart the computer, when the pre-set time expires.

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KidsWatch Time Control 3.0: Limit the time your children spend on the computer, access the Internet or play
KidsWatch Time Control 3.0

computer supervision! Fully Customizable -Time Controlâ„¢ allows you to select all the settings and restrictions your family needs for healthy computer and Internet use. Controllable Computer Time -Schedule the number of hours each child can spend on the computer per day or per week. Restrict Access to Programs -Schedule the period of time and the number of hours your child can use each individual program installed on your computer. Limit Internet

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KidsWatch Time Control 2.1: Time Control allows you to control & limit computer, program and internet Access
KidsWatch Time Control 2.1

Time Control™ allows you to limit Internet surfing, chatting and game playing to a time and duration you are comfortable with. Schedule the number of hours each child can use the computer, per day or by week. Automatically log your child out of their computer when it`s time for lights out. Lock down the computer to prevent your child from pirating music or installing inappropriate software. Easily share computer time among siblings.

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Time Monitor 1.2.6: Time Monitor is parental control software designed to limit kids computer time
Time Monitor 1.2.6

limit the time your kids spend using a computer. Time Monitor puts you in control of deciding when they can log on and for how long. Time Monitor is easy to use, free to try, and runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 Time Monitor features include: * Limit computer time to only so many hours per day * Schedule time limits in 1/2 hour increments * Force logoff at designated time * Disable an account to prevent access to the computer * Unique account

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